2017 Chinook Triathlon Festival Post Race Review


That’s the word that comes to mind when I think about race day. We had a perfect day, bit cool in the morning, but great temperature for racing. Overall the response has been very positive. Athletes liked the 2 transitions; they liked the bike course and hated the big hill on the run, Perfect! I love to see a bit of pain out there, it makes us stronger.

We have a few things to iron out for next year and as always we learn from our mistakes and make things better for the future. I welcome your feedback, so if you have anything to add, positive or otherwise, send it to me, we’ll listen to it all.

I want to thank our volunteers for doing an awesome job, some even dressed up to entertain you. They seem to be having a good time out there just like you.


Results are posted up on the Zone4 website at www.zone4.ca look for Chinook Triathlon Festival. I still have some awards to hand out as some of you left before we got a chance to recognize you on the podium. If so please send me an email so we can get your awesome award to you to be proudly displayed at your home.

Club Challenge

This challenge was to promote the clubs in and around Alberta to compete against each other and to promote some healthy competition. I’m super happy to announce that the winning team of this competition is 3433 Triathlon Club out of Talisman Centre in Calgary. Jon Bird and Jack VanDyk have done an amazing job with this team. Below is a list of team members that participated in Chinook.

  • Mattson Moore #3rd overall male in the Half Ironman and #1 in his age group
  • Jenna-Caer Seefried #2 overall female in the Half Ironman and #1st in her age group
  • Colette Hubner #3rd overall female in the Half Ironman and #1st in her age group
  • Andrew Dottridge #6th Half Ironman in age group
  • Wenda Dottridge #1 Half Ironman in age group
  • Sheila Nykwist #3rd Half Ironman in age group
  • Kelly Yorston #4th Half Ironman in age group
  • Jack VanDyk #1 overall in the Aqua Half Ironman
  • Andrew Wrenshall #8 age group Half Ironman
  • Michael Brimer #1 over all Half Ironman Aqua Bike
  • Stefan Sabo-Walsh #4 Half Ironman in age group
  • Jorge Salazar #9 Olympic in age group
  • Andrew Pope #2 Olympic in age group
  • Mark Perry #9 Olympic in age group
  • Jana Joustra #6 Olympic in age group
  • MaryAnn Hughes #18 Olympic in age group

Speedo contest

I got to say; hands down the winner of the Speedo contest is John Van Heyst. His flashy yellow/orange suit even impressed me. Great job John for being a good sport and bringing some much needed fun to the sport. Second congrats to Bernie Maillet for participating in this contest, if it wasn’t for John’s color he’d be the winner.

Lost and Found

We have a few items that haven’t been retrieved as of yet.

  • bike pump,
  • some sandals,
  • swim goggles
  • fleece jacket

Send me a note if you think it might belong to you.


Some of you might not have gotten our really cool bike jersey and we definitely want you to be wearing this summer at any other races you might be attending, (70.3 Calgary Maybe?). Contact me and we will send the jersey to Tri it Multisport for you to pick up. If the jersey doesn’t fit we might be able to replace it with one that does fit providing you bring it back in the plastic bag it came in and you haven’t sweated in it.  info@chinookhalf.com

My apologies for the delay in getting this post review out there

On race day I got a call from my mother informing me my Dad passed away, so I had to leave the city right after and deal with the aftermath of the loss of my Father. Thank you to you all for your prayers, myself and my family really appreciate the kindness. He’s put to rest and he’s in a much happier place.

ATA voting

Sometime later this summer the ATA will send you a notice for voting on events. Please vote and remember us, we would love to be recognized by our athletes and the strong Chinook Army.




Last but not least

Our Team

  • Swim Captain: Ron Razon
  • Bike Captain: Cheryl Bell and her better half Tony Bell
  • Bike support: Denis Wiens and Jim Thorne
  • Run Captain: Ally Johnson
  • Run setup: Andre Bock
  • Transition Captain: Jamie Haliburton
  • Volunteer Captain: Richelle Love
  • Registration Captain and my right hand: Katie Bock
  • My Assistant Race Director: Lochlin McLellan
  • Medical Captain: Heather McLellan
  • Transit Captain: Colin McLellan
  • Social Media Captain: Wanda Murch
  • Product and Awards support: Jordan Bryden

A huge Thank you out to our sponsors and the groups that support our event

  • Tri it Multi Sports
  • Speed Theory
  • Ironman Financial
  • Alberta Triathlon Association
  • Midnapore Lake Resident Association
  • Southview Church
  • City of Calgary
  • And a special thank you to John Larsen, City of Calgary Roads Coordinator. Enjoy retirement John.
  • Nanton Water
  • Camilla Spackman for providing us with so many volunteers to help make Chinook great. Thank you Camilla for all the support you gave us.

Next year’s race date will be Father’s Day weekend June 16th 2018.

Enjoy your summer, we wish you all the success in the world, happy travels, stay safe and love life


Race Director

Mike Bock

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