Grass Roots Triathlon

How many people remember when you could go almost anywhere and do a great grassroots triathlon. It wouldn’t matter the distance and most times the distances weren’t always exact. You just did them because they were there and you could and they were cool. They rarely had great swag or instead of medals you got a glass beer mug, but they were fun and you always met some interesting people.

Now you plan your race according to when your coach tells you you’re going to peek. Hell, you wouldn’t go do a race just for the fun of it even if you got a free entry.

I’m telling you it’s sad. It won’t be long before you won’t find a grassroots race to just show up at and jump in.

There are still a few iconic holdouts however. Home town races that encourage athletes of every level. From beginner to Pro. Wouldn’t it be cool to do a race where someone asked you how your day went?

The Chinook Triathlon Festival in Calgary is one of those old school half iron races that has been around since the day. With its beginnings in the Mad Hawk Three Day Ultra the Chinook Triathlon festival evolved to become one of those races that is a must do every triathlete’s list.

Hosted by the legendary Race Director Mike Bock the Chinook Triathlon Festival is back in Calgary after a two year hiatus in Sylvan Lake. The race features great racing, a challenging course, good food and most of all, comradery.

If you’re looking for an amazing half Iron distance race with plenty of challenge and fun give this long standing race a go. You’ll be glad you did.

Help keep this piece of triathlon history in Calgary and register today.


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